Yet more suggestions for improvement

First I want to say I’m totally addicted to this game, it’s one of the most fun games I’ve played in a while. The creators have really done a lot of things right.
I know there are like a dozen of these wish lists, although I looked through a lot of them, forgive me if I repeat stuff someone else already suggested

I like the idea of a more detailed analysis of the battle results as mentioned by others like Hannibal
Right now its hard to tell how much damage did each ship design inflicted, or how long did it lasted. It’s hard to know how effective a specific ship design is based on the current setup, for example, a ship can have like 98% hits landed, but maybe it only fired 3 times before it was destroyed

*It would also be really helpful to have a filter in the ship design screen, so you can just pull up rebel hulls for example without having to
search through every single ship you ever made

*Maybe unlock extra stuff if you beat a mission with each of the four races

*I know a lot people say this, but I think frigates need a higher capacity crew module and a better power core. It sucks having to waste weapon hardpoints just be able to provide enough crew and power, which can take up 4 slots (2 crew mods & 2 power)

*It would be nice to be able to see your ships class (your name for it) when you mouse over it in battle, like in the deployment screen.

*I know it was this was discussed, but it would be awesome if each race had an alternate color scheme so when you fight rebels as rebels, you can more easily tell them apart (yeah I know you can make your ships green and theirs red, but that takes away from the gratuitousness of the battle)

I know that this game will just keep on improving, it’s great to see a game company interested in their community’s input on how to make their game better
Thanks for reading

I think that the team colors idea is good, since it helps to tell which ships are yours. E.G. You are the same race, and you are fighting each-other, becomes a little hard to tell who is winning.