Yey finally got the game!

I’ve been out of the country and my credit card expired, but now my new credit card came in the mail and I finally bought it. Yey. The game looked awesome I notice there are even escape pods that launch from exploding ships. Though I still get crashes from time to time and I think some of the components need re-balancing, I’m sure those’ll get better with time.

To discuss one particular issue, I noticed that the Advanced-Armor-Repair are heavier, more expensive, takes more power, repairs slower, has less resource than the Nano-Repair, and from what I remeber, takes more honor to unlock as well. As a result, I never use armor-repair right now, maybe Armor-Repair should have more advantages, like faster repair rate to make it attractive.

Hey! Good for you! Score one for Gratuitous-ness!
By the way check out my Major Mod in the Gratuitous Mods Forum, Feel free to comment on my mod as well.

The reason the armour repair module seems in some ways inferior is that it is targeted. When your ship gets hit, the first priority should be to get that armour fixed, because everything has to come through the armour to damage the hull. Normal repair modules, like the nano-repair one, randomly pick a module to fix, whereas the armour ones fix the armour modules only. So there are strong tactical advantages for having those modules.

I’ve observed though, that when you have more than one repair module on board, the ship can still only repair one module at a time. Problem seems to come when mixing armour repair and regular, the game randomly picks a module but the armour repair, I guess does nothing unless that module is armour because its supplies don’t go down.

Also, am I right in guessing that a module that’s destroyed cannot be repaired? Again that kinda sucks for armour repair.

As I recall, the only destroyed armour that can be repaired is fighter armour, repaired in a hanger.
Armour repair modules, combined with lots of armour are very effective, unless huge waves of mega destruction take out the armour in one shot, but that’s pretty rare.

I think the flaw with this design is that if your armor is damaged but not yet destroyed, you are unlikely to have any significant damage to other modules.

Because of that fact, the faster repair speed and larger repair supply capacity of the nano-repair module win out, since, in the early going it is only repairing armor anyway. By the time you’ve got other modules with damage to distract the nano-repair module, you probably don’t have any armor left for any sort of repair module to work on.

Yes, Blcknght hit it on the nose. I always choose nano-repair over armor repair for this reason.

Can multiple repair modules work on the same damaged section? In my experience, they seem to target different damaged modules. So if you only have one module that is damaged, there seems to be no benefit to having more than one module. I was thinking that two repair modules might be able to repair a single damaged armour module twice as fast, but it doesn’t seem to work that way. The second repair module seems to simply idle.

This is my experience too, but I still take more than one pretty frequently. The main reason is that I’ll get twice as many repair supplies that way.