You can abolish all taxes after long enough gameplay

Debt crisis affects capitalists, self employed, middle income and everyone.
It also affects GDP directly and trough business confidence which annoys capitalists indirectly.

Taxes also affect GDP, self employed, middle income and capitalists.
So once you are subsidizing everyone and have all policies boosting voter approval you can remove taxes one after one.

UK would take most of time to do so since it has by far fewest policies.
Socialist playtrough would have advantage since you are reducing amount of capitalists, middle class and self employed anyway.

There does seem to be an issue where all what you are doing is having 0 taxes and just spending away. All you have is borrowing and spending, it doesn’t really seem to do much besides a really bad debt crisis and a poor credit rating. What would be the fix for this? 100% interest if you have no taxes? Something else?