Your car naming schemes?

I think I"m being restricted by my uncreative naming schemes. What are yours like?

I name things after cities that (to me) describe the type of model in question. E.g. pickups are “Nashville”, compacts are “Portland”, etc. From there I just use a number for the market segment tier (1, 2, 3, 4), and tack on an “s” or “p” if it has a sunroof or panoramic sunroof. Haven’t had to deal with electric powertrains yet, but that would probably be E<s/p/"">

sedan Mk#
Medan Mk#
Expensedan Mk#
Luxus Mk# (doesn’t fit the pattern but stands out)

ExpenSUV etc etc.

then I can add E for electric or whatever…

I am quite boring,as i used to work for Ford motor company i use current names like focus,fiesta,Galaxy,Mondeo,Scorpio with specials like Titanium and X to put in quality items that pushes up the prices of the cars.and the Range rover group of SUV’s.

I name my cars very simply.

  1. Budget Sedan
  2. Mid Range Sedan
  3. Expensive Sedan etc.

Sedans depending on price category are usually:

  • Cityliner
  • Cruiser
  • Interceptor
  • Traffic


  • Journey
  • Superback XL


  • Mudrunner
  • Amazon
  • W-vagon


  • Speedster
  • Wasp
  • Beachliner (thats the open top)


  • W50
  • W150
  • W250
  • Raptor

I always have a ton of different models with different gadget, and after some time it really gets hard to oversee them