Your Favorite Ship

As a barometer for potential GSB mods… and any ship is legit, what’s your opinion on:

1) The ship you’d most want to pilot into battle?



2) The ship you’d love to be a passenger on?



3) What adjective(s) describe your favorite ship?

Nefarious, foreboding


4) Any other brief, ship-related comment.


(for reference, sites like this are a good source: )

Ship for battle: Imperious Class Star destroyer, or a Galaxy-X Dreadnought.

Without question, ship for battle:

The Executor, personal flagship of Darth Vader.

Ship to passenge on: Starship Titanic (before its sudden and gratuitous total existence failure, anyway).

Adjectives: I think “spaceworthy” probably tops the list. :slight_smile:

  1. Turian Dreadnought

  2. Turian Dreadnought

  3. [size=150]TURIAN[/size]

  4. I know - I’m a sucker for ME

  1. The ship you’d most want to pilot into battle?

The GTD Hecate of the Freespace universe. Vast, yet not overtly so, powerful, modern, and efficient.


  1. The ship you’d love to be a passenger on?


  1. What adjective(s) describe your favorite ship?


Go into battle:

Because i want to fire a GIANT tesla gun at ships and watch’em pop :stuck_out_tongue:

Be a passenger on:

Janeway would be my freind :smiley:

Adjective: modular

Ship I want to go into battle,

Ship I want to be a passenger on,

What Adjectives describe my ship
Sleek, Fast, Firepower

It was hard to decide, it was the Defiant or the Scimitar, I went with the Scimitar as she carried far more firepower. But then again, the Defiant has a lot of firepower for its small size. Gha. . … head desk’s four times

There’s no visuals of it, but the ship I would want to be inside when ordnance started flying would be the ship Dahak, from Dave Weber’s Empire From The Ashes series. Basically, Dahak is the size of a moon (actually, it was the Moon, camouflaged), moves at 0.5c, and has batteries that fire relativistic missiles with black hole warheads. And said missiles can enter hyperspace and pop back into realspace in an enemy’s face. And did I mention it’s the size of the Moon?

EDIT: Oh, this is cool. Basically a page for size comparisons. The moon is in the background, and Dahak = moon.

And I’ll still take Dahak for a cruise. A planetoid should have a lot of creature comforts crammed in there.

I think this might be Dahak, right? (The massive “planet” behind the tubular gravity drive ship.)


Archduke Astro’s Classic Dreadnoughts Mod had ships in the height/width = 350 range. I don’t know the max GSB will take. But a “death star” might be very cool. Moving at 0.5c of course.

btw - all great submissions, tnx! So no one wants to travel in the Order Redemption frigate? Yeah, might be a trek walking from port to starboard.

If I remember right, the official diameter of the Death Star II is something like 800km in diameter. The moon is nearly 3,500km, haha.

And I don’t know if that’s what Dahak would look like, anyway. I think he’s had at least two different bodies. (Dahak is also the name of the ship AI).

I just know he’s full of awesome.

What Adjectives describe my ship:
[size=50]P[/size][size=60]u[/size][size=70]r[/size][size=80]e[/size] [size=100]A[/size][size=110]w[/size][size=120]e[/size][size=130]s[/size][size=140]o[/size][size=150]m[/size][size=160]e[/size][size=170]n[/size][size=180]e[/size][size=190]s[/size][size=200]s.[/size]
[size=200]Pure Awesomeness[/size]

I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. Epic.


Shall thou value thy forums Troll henceforth?

OK that ship… whatever it is wins obviously, even if there was no competion! xD

It’s my idea of what J.J. Abram’s enterprise should have looked like. And notice that little Battlestar on the lower left corner? That’s to give the [size=200]Sombreroprise[/size] a sense of scale!

No, we shan’t. Cute ship, though ridiculous.

Ship I want to pilot in battle:

Ship I’d love to be passenger on:

A… [size=200]WHITE CUBE[/size]!

Kidding :slight_smile:

It’s this one for everything :slight_smile:

I’m surprised no one wanted to pilot…

The Hyperion

And be a passenger on…

Admit it… you want to!

Only if Karen Gillan is also on board:D

Is their any other choice? They ended up on the edge of our solar system, impossibly out numbered, impossibly out gunned, fought their way home,eventually banished from their home planet, watched said home planet’s surface turned to glass, yet still eventually won the war against a giant alien race, rebuilt humanity, and took the fight back to the stars!

The SDF-1