Youth and Climate Change

So a couple of items:

  1. I was looking at the what affects Youth happiness, and Environment isn’t listed. I can understand – it maybe isn’t as driving of a factor as say Alcohol or Internet Speed, but it does seem that historically at least in the 20th century (e.g. 60’s environmental protest movements) and into the 21st century (e.g. climate strikes, Greta Thunberg) that Youth can be impacted by Environmental policy concerns.

It might be interesting if it is considered to have some sort of impact – because their future is really at stake.

  1. I haven’t played D4 exhaustively, so I haven’t seen all events. Is there an event possibility of a Greta Thunberg type event? e.g. either a cititzen becoming that sort of Youth leader, or perhaps depending on international relations, a foreign person visiting and urging the rallying of youth behind certain policy ideas, urging the implementation of some policy, etc.

Just some random thoughts!

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I agree, if you look at the vast majority of environmental protests the vast majority are youths. In a specific and recent example in the UK there were school walkouts where students blocked streets and marched through a lot of cities in protest.

A couple of other random thoughts:

The legal arguments around such things are likely shaky, but still amusing for a game I think.

Now the legal arguments these sorts of things are on, are shaky. But still strange and fitting I think for a game about Democracy that simplifies and streamlines things.

The dilemmas could basically just be whether your government is cooperating or brushing off the concerns of the youth, etc. Youth and environmentalists and perhaps capitalists affected.

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I think Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand did manage to get some landmarks protected either as religious symbols (which currently isn’t at all modelled by what the game considers religious people) or in terms of those landmark rights. (I think New Zealand in particular managed to do something like that in terms of rights rather than religious beliefs? Not quite sure it was there)
Indigenous people around the world in general are pushing for things like that though, sometimes successfully.
So I’d be all for that.

Another dilemma / event idea related to environmentalists and potentially youth:

These sorts of dilemmas could be more common if you enact the youth political clubs policy funding perhaps.

Regarding enviornmental issues making young people happy, i think what you describe is the wrong relationship. Although the phenomena is undoubtably real (as I recently found myself:, I think the argument should be that young people in the game should be more likely to be environmentalists as well, but the aspect of those people concerned with green issues is still attributable to the environemntalist aspect of their personality.
I will make a note to add this…