YYYY-MM-DD for screenshot name

Hi @ all,

I’ve made a lot of screenshots since I bought Production Line but because of the new month I was a bit confused.
The file name already contains the date but it’s DD-MM-YYYY. This results in a corrupted sequence when the Windows Explorer displays the files sorted by name (which is pre-set in most of Windows).
If the date would be formated as they do in Hungary (YYYY-MM-DD) this would be better because the sorting would work in both cases (by name and by date/time).

Anyone else with the same “problem”? ;o)

[Edit @ 2017-03-07]
… wrote ‘but it’s YYYY-DD-MM.’ which was a mix of actual and wanted date format so I corrected it. Sorry for any confusion :*(

Not making much screenshots but still a +1 from me.

good point! +1
although you can change the date format on your computer.

Maybe this should be part of localization?
I’m pretty sure in Europe the date format is different.

Hmmm, maybe a misunderstanding so here an example.
Actually the file have name like screenshot_05-03-2017_20-54-46.png - composed from the date (5th of March 2017) and time. The way the date is formated is not referred to the system settings (except cliff and everyone else use the DD-MM-YYYY format in Windows).

So in this case it’s only the filename, only a way to get the files correctly sorted by date/time even when sorting alphabetical.
Of course the file can be sorted by date/time but this would mix up the screenshots with the cuttings from screenshots e.g. to add at this forum :slight_smile:

no, I think I understood the first time…
I was just saying if there was a way to check the users clock settings on installation and use that format as the default on the launch of the game. obviously this could be a setting you could manually change in the game as well.

if not, then anyone that prefers the other formats are going to have the same issue…