zen mode


Just an idea of sorts. Can there be a GSB “Zen Mode”? What I’m talking is similar to the Battleships Forever main screen, where there’s a constant rolling battle in the background that goes on forever. Its fun to watch the ships duke out and makes a fairly decent screensaver.

In GSB it could be a special gameplay mode - all that you need to do is hit the button and it’d choose a random scenario/background and then just randomly spawn ships / waves accross the map, with new waves coming in after the total hull value falls below a certain threshold. It’d be good if it spawned all 4 race’s ships, with them duking it out at the center (maybe make a small map to ensure it at least moves at a decent pace). What this would do is create a nice, continuous rolling gratuitously awesome battle that you could just continue and watch as a sort of space battles ‘zen’ or something. Skips all the foreplay with orders and goes right to the explosions :smiley:

Anyone else think such a feature would be ultra cool? At least to watch that is. Granted - it probably wont be as cool to code or program in I bet <_<

Yeah. I guess that would be nice!

Maybe play “Blue Danube” in the background whilst five different space fleets are pulverized into tiny bits.

Well you could always have the option for a custom soundtrack or such :smiley:

Either way, bump for more attention coz this feature would be reaaaally nice to have :smiley:

I got goosebumps just thinking about that. It’s kind of like a Lava lamp, only, you know … violent and explody.

So would it spawn ships taken from your own saved designs, or maybe from a set of predesigned ships for all 5 races? Probably the latter, since otherwise it would be impossible to follow if you hadn’t unlocked any other races yet. (Cue a scene of Federation ships blowing the hell out of … other Federation ships?)

I would love this too. It’s the ultimate in gratuitousness!

I wouldn’t mind if it only used your own designs - that would make it a prize for unlocking all the races. But it shouldn’t be necessary. All the races already have pre-designed ships in the scenarios, so just use those.

The hard part is probably randomizing them… that may be impossible. The easiest answer may be to let us design both fleets in a new type of “challenge” (we’ve all been asking for this anyway) and categorize them as usable by the screen saver feature.


Bumpage, simply because its that awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Theres a deep-routed memory leak somewhere that makes this a bit problematic, but it is fixable. just something on a long list of desirable features.

Whats at the top of the list of features we would like to see?