Zero population percentage for poor, middle income, wealthy

Hi, I’m not sure why but the poor, middle income and wealthy groups are stuck at zero percent of the population.

To try to fix the problem I…

  • Uninstalled all mods and DLC through the game itself, through Steam, and by manually deleting files.
  • Uninstalled the game from Steam and deleted any related game files I could find on the computer.
  • Restarted computer, reinstalled the game, started new game.

OS: OSX 10.11.5
Game version: Mac, Steam, 1.284

Hi, are you the same guy who posted on the steam forums? this is what I suggested there:

Yep that’s me. Still having trouble.

Here’s what I did last attempt.

  1. Checked there were no mods installed or subscribed to on Steam.
  2. Uninstalled all the DLC and checked if the base game was fixed. Nope.
  3. Uninstalled the game via Steam, and quit Steam.
  4. Deleted USER/Library/Application Support/democracy3
  5. Checked Steam’s “common” folder to make sure it was gone.
  6. Restarted Steam and reinstalled game. Still bugged.

At a loss personally. I don’t understand how a clean install doesn’t fix it. If it’s not a common issue, there must be something on my system or on Steam interfering, but I can’t think what.