ZOMG! virus!

i dont know where else to post this, so sorry if its in the wrong place.

but i just got a virus that called itself “system tools”. it was a major virus bomb that released other viruses! it even turned off all my anti virus and anti spyware programs and made them unable to be turned on! i couldnt even go in to program files!

but as i panicked, i turned off my computer and tried to calm down. then when i rebooted it i started in a failsafe mode. system tools wasnt as smart as i thought it would be… it had created an icon on my desktop and by simply right clicking the icon and clicking “properties” i could trace the program back to its root. it was located in C:/program files in a folder composed of a bunch of letters and numbers.

i managed to delete that folder and now my computer seems to be back to normal.

the program desguised itself as a antivirus program, asking you to buy a license and stuff. but i didnt believe it :wink:

just wanted to share my experience with others so that if it happens to anyone else they know how to fix it :slight_smile:

now im gonna go and do backups for all my modding files…

you need microsoft security essentials. Its free and the best anti malware stuff I’ve found.

its a laptop that i got from my school. so im not shure what antivirus and security programs i have…

i will look into it though, thanks for the tip!

or get a mac :stuck_out_tongue:
(joking! macs are actually just as vulnerable, just no one bothers to make mac virusses [virusi?])