Zoom level

It would really help me get into the game if I could zoom out further during a battle.
I realise it could cause trouble for lower spec PCs, how about a configuration option for “max zoom level” that we can set ourselves according to the spec of the PC?

Seconded. I find the absence of a wider zoom angle to be a handicap at times, esp. in the truly huge battles.

Maybe at some stage this will go in. It shouldn’t be too tricky, to be honest…

hooray! :smiley:

Yeah I think it would be cool to see the whole battlefield, and not to mention i would like some battle fields to be 2-3 times as big as they are now. I would also like to rotate the camera as well.

I am going to reformat my computer tonight and install windows 7, I will be back on here hopefully tommorrow.

I agree to that, too. It would be better if you could see more of the battlefield in larger battles. Without that you have to scroll very much in larger battles to be able to follow the battle.

Yeah, first thing I tried to do was zoom out more.

To be honest, except for the case of watching a particularly cool section of the battle, I’d zoom out to see the whole thing all the time.

Is there a hotkey for zooming rather than mousewheel that I’m just missing? I use a Trackman, which doesn’t have a mousewheel.

There are buttons next to the minimap as I recall.

Are there? OK, I’ll have to poke at it some more. I poked all the obvious buttons, but maybe it’s in a different location. Thanks for the response!

I too am playing without a mousewheel on my laptop.

I found that the page-up and page-down will zoom the screen for you. I’m not sure what buttons cliffski is talking about, as nothing I found to click on did any zooming.

Page Up and Down, good to know, thanks!

For the moment I only have the demo, but it looks like the zoom is still relatively limited there, which is indeed annoying.

Has it been improved in the full version (ability to zoom out to get a full battle view), or is it still in the ‘to do later’ list?
If not done yet, will it be done? And when? :slight_smile:

I can zoom out until the screen hits the edge of viewable area on both sides.

I can’t remember if that’s default now or if there was an ini tweak for that.

That’s by setting OPTIONS_MINZOOM to 0.00 in config.txt.

Now THAT is a good bit to know, thanks!

Yes, I should point out that I’m only capping the zoom out for performance reasons on old cards. Hence, the ini file lets you go crazy if you have a decent rig. Ideally, I’d do a supreme-commander style fade to icons and enable mega zoom allround, but I haven’t got around to that yet.


since I haven’t been able to get SupCom working just right (always likes to crash an hour and a half in w/o warning), I’d love to see this.

But I can edit the ini…hmmm…brb! haha

Is this still a valid option in the current build of the game? I was looking to try this out yesterday but could not find the config.txt file. Zooming out to see the whole mao would be spectacular if it doesn’t kill the framerate.

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