zoom wheel. Upside down ?

To zoom with the mouse wheel, you have to turn it in the opposite direction that you do in most other application. (Or that those I use do…)

I agree with this problem. The mouse wheel scrolls opposite of what I would expect. A toggle in the Options would really make me happy.

Suggestion noted. I always find google earth goes the other way to the one I expect.

I agree, zoom in and zoom out are reversed, according to most gaming standards.

Feels awkward to me as well, I keep messing it up and then I adjust after the beginning of each battle.

I concur - it’s definetly the wrong way round. Maybe make it optional so the player can choose which way they like it.

I wasn’t gonna mention it but another vote for ‘upside down’ - an option is probably best tho :slight_smile:

Yes enough people have mentioned this that I must be in the minority the way I like it, so when I release an update I’ll reverse it, and likely add in an option to toggle it to the options screen.

A most amenable solution. =)

Although I’m used to it going the other way, I don’t mind it going the opposite way. It’s not really a big problem, but adding it as an option would be good.

Thanks for the change cliffski; the current setup feels very odd to me too.

So awesome that we might get an option for this! It’s a little, tiny thing for me, but will prevent me from zooming out before I realize I have to go the other way to zoom in. Muscle memory, heh.