Average Temperature sim is almost insignificant

I know this has needed fixing for ages, its been on trello a while as this item:

I’m looking at this now in the context of cyclones just never triggering, because they are triggered purely by average temperature, and average temperature is affected purely by CO2 emissions.

The only input the player cannot control is the CO2 emissions coming from ‘year’

Which is pretty meek. in twenty years, this pushes up CO2 by 0.12
so after 20 years that pushes up AverageTemperature by 0.04 (the link between them is 0.25+(0.25*x)

So I’m thinking there are two problems here, (without thinking about accumulators, which is a simulation-change at a core level that scares me in stability terms)

Problem A)
The year never ends, so there is an unstoppable end game where climate change is at a maximum regardless of the players actions

Problem B)
Despite this, the impact on average temperature is too pathetic to really impact anything, especially cyclones, which currently never trigger.

(Actually… the max value for year is set to 50. so after 50 years it should stop growing, with a CO2 impact of 0.3)

So some proposed changes:

  • I change the equation that links year to CO2 so that it rises rpaidly, then slowly to an eventual peak, rather than a linear line that just stops weirdly after 50 years.
  • I vastly boost the impact of CO2 on Average Temperature so that cyclones actually kick in, assuming no other changes, at around the 18-20 year mark.


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