[Bug] Causes of Productivity, Effects of Unemployment

I wish you a relaxed monday,

today maybe I recognize a bug in the ‘causes list’ of the statistic ‘Productivity’.

Because of a high amount of state-employees, the value of the statistic ‘Unemployment’ decreases to 0.
When the value reaches the 0-line, I can still see a negative effect of - 21,50 % for the ‘Productivity’ of the state.

In the statistic "Productivity’ this negative effect is shown here, too.

I am not sure, if this could be a bug or something else.
Maybe you have an answer about this fact.

I may be wrong, but I believe this is correct. My understanding is as follows.

If unemployment is high, those in work are worried about losing their jobs. They’re more likely therefore to put in unpaid overtime, work harder, etc. in the hope of keeping their jobs. If unemployment is low, this driver is removed, leading to the drop in productivity.