[bug]Patent message tagdoesn't go away

When a competitor has a patent, the patent tag appears at the top left. If you dismiss it, it comes back. Fine.
However, when the patent is finished, the tag doesn’t go away of its own accord. Instead if you open the message you get something saying “patent valid for -400 days” or however long it has been since the patent expired.

If I understand correctly the situation, it doesn’t do that for me. I get the notice that competitor has a patent for X time on Y delivery containing Z cure (and maybe Z2 effects and/or cure). I dismiss it, and it goes away.

I wonder what the difference is.

There are two messages. One which has the company spokespersons head on it; that message you can dismiss. But then for me at least a second message pops up where the symbol is the patent padlock. That message will always reappear if I get rid of it.

That sounds like the message when you are producing a Drug you can’t sell because an AI has a patent against it. It will “re-appear” each time you put a Drug through a socket while the AI has patent. If that’s the case, your “BUG” is that leaving the message there and letting the game progress until the AI patent expires, the message will show a somewhat weird number of days passed, maybe?

Yep, that’s it exactly. I’d suggest the tag should go away of its own accord when you can sell that product again.

I totally agree. I will “make it so!”.