CJK font support

I noticed there are game several Steam guides in languages not supported by the base game including: Russian, Korean and Japanese.

I also noticed that Cyrillic script support was added in 1.04.00 and there is now a Russian language translation add-on (not an official “mod”). There also seems to be a thread here about a Czech translation.

I am looking for Chinese-Japanese-Korean (CJK; aka Hangul) font support. Specifically I started work on a Japanese translation only to learn that though the game supports the translation just fine, it will not display such property. I am assuming this is a font issue.

Thank you.

Yes that’s correct. The font atlases in-game do not support the CJK characters. It’s something i’m considering adding but need to do more research first before I commit.

I appreciate the update and look forward to the addition. Thank you.

Alert us when the CJK language supports become available. As a professional Mandarin translator I could help contribute to the Chinese language version.