Do I install the full version OVER the demo?

Sorry if this has already been asked, I can’t find it searching these forums…

I’ve installed the Democracy 2 demo’.
Decided to upgrade to the full game.
Do I install over the top of the demo, or do I delete the demo first and then install the full?
Or IS the demo just the full without on-line activation … er, activated? (I’m guessing not.)

Important to note: I installed the demo to the directory c:\Program Files\Democracy2\ . . .
NOT to c:\Program Files\Democracy2 demo\ . . .
…like it wanted to. Why? Because I could. sigh

Please answer soon. I am being delayed precious minutes from playing this intelligently designed game.

uninstall the demo, then install the full game, or install it into a different directory. Although whatever you do, it should work fine.