[Fixed 1.24][Crash 1.23 Steam] Crash when changing prices.

I’m trying to get my models into the 4 price category’s you created.

But when I alter the price at certain points the game will freeze and crash.
One of the points I found was the 100K when I go above it the game crashes.

And 100K SUV is still an Expensive car and not a luxury. Is this intentionel?

I have added my savegame here.

EDIT: I trying to look deeper and it seems if a car models has upgrades added to them and you go from Expensive to Mid Range (With SUV 45K) the game freezes and crashes
Xtry 1.23.xml (1.99 MB)
autosave.xml (1.93 MB)

I’ve the same with the Sedan when I up the price to 45k

Thanks…I’m investigating now

Ok I know what this is and I’m fixing it… sorry about that!

No worries ;). And thanks :wink: