Galaxy Generator for conquest games

The height is 770 with the top frame. I guess I will decrease the size to 720 to make sure it fits to lower res.
When you hit the Save button it will create the campaign based on the name.
So if you made one called Sagittarius Ring and hit save,the app will make a file sagittariusring.txt under the folder campaign\data\maps. This is the header file. Then make a folder sagittariusring under campaign\data\encounters and fill it with the individual planet files. If you want to edit by hand, you can do it there.

I’ve saved a few campaigns, all of which show up in GSB’s menu and are playable. However, my maps folder displays only the generated maps.

Ok… so it is in the GSB folder on my hard drive. Sort of. Instead of going straight to Program Files I had to go to Users, then [my name], then the hidden folder AppData, then Local, then Virtualstore, then it’s version of Program Files containing a GSB folder with just the campaigns and some fonts.

It’s easy enough to manually move, but it’s a little confusing to reach the folder. I had to search my entire hard drive just to find the location.
[size=75]Hmm… so that’s where all my Battleships Forever stuff had been hiding…[/size]

Did you get the game through Steam? That may work differently. I never use it, so I have no idea how this works with Steam.

I had a little bit of fun and manually put every generator planet into the same scenario. 292 planets sounds great, but…

if you fix that so theres not so many paths, can i have it?

Trying to recode 292 planets, each with their own .txt? I’m not even really sure which planet is which… If I could even figure it out I might give it a shot.

Once you give it some reasonable conditions (specifically, not trying to make a 175 planet string) it actually has worked pretty well and made some nice maps. Still takes a while to process larger ones, but i can get some nice, large maps.

The link is broken. Does anyone know where to get a copy of this? Thanks. …

Maybe this will be a nice edition… I just keep returning to this game once our twice in the year… Are there still other people roaming about in that silly universe or is it just plain death ?

I still play it a few times a year. Usually design my own campaign, make a bunch of new ships, and have at it.

I often run it whilst I’m reading Space Opera… :slight_smile: