Govt spending in the USA

fascinating graph, especially if your a US tax payer :smiley:

I’m sure you will find this graph interesting too:

holy cow!

YIKES! That plunge is insane. No wonder the national debt is high.

There is surely no clearer indication that democrats are better with the US economy!

The Dems have always been in favour of big govt, however, the current Republican administration has compromised on the “small government” values that traditional republicans hold. I’d rather call Bush Neo-conservative rather than Republican because republicans are not supposed to be spending that much money.

Yeah, they like smaller government, but in real terms that seems to translate to cutting taxes (especcially for the rich), no new spending or cutting benefits, and increased military spending.

Government size increased when Bush came into power. He may have cut taxes but the expenditure went up (mainly because of Iraq). Hence the deficit and growing national debt problems. If someone can find a budget in the later years of Clintons administration and compare it with Bush’s spending, I am sure that Bush has spent more (and thus has “bigger government”).

There’s no question about this; the Congressional Budget Office can supply those figures online. And Clinton (whom I regard as the best Republican president ever :wink: ) made the economy his first priorityw, whereas Bush figures the future can deal with the mess he makes.

For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t blame US problems solely on the Republicans. The Democrats have become spineless and quiescent, while the Republicans made a devil’s deal with both the Neo-Cons and the Religious Far Right. The latter in particular discovered networking through rural and urban church settings in the 1990s, with devastating results. And the Neon-Cons have all the furious energy and triumphalism of zealots, along with all the narrowness of vision, lack of concern for details, and desire to put ideas ahead of people…or reality.

At least, that’s my take on it.