How to march in line

Hi all,
I saw in forum that we can tell our capital ships to march in line by “Formation” order.
But the reality is “one” ship will move forward by itself with the rest of the fleet behind it.
This is very brave and gallant because it will draw all enemy fire to itself and soon enough it will be destroyed.

How to tell the entire fleet to march in line?

Thank you.

IF they’re all lined up the other ships will follow in line. Due to the way it works, it’s impossible to do a perfect line, but if they’re going (mostly) straight there won’t be much of a gap.

You could try making the other ships slightly faster than the lead. Even a .01 difference might help to cover the gap.

You can also put the other ships you want in the line ahead of the ‘lead’ ship, so that the position that they fall back into is more or less in line with the ‘leader’. This probably will not always work, but it will help a little.

Alternatively, you can have all of the ships you want in the line set up at the front of the field, and have a ship of equal or lower speed behind the line set as the target of the formation order.

Hi Aeson,
Thanks for the tips. It works.
Thank you. I’ve been playing campaign and my fleet was almost got wiped out because of this wrong formation behavior (the lead ship got destroyed, and all fleet went havoc, frigates charging forward to their doom, etc).

After I try your tips, my defense works according to my expectation ^^

I find that works best.

An interesting formation I found is having a line of ships, and have each one in formation with the next one towards the middle (watch out for “A follows B, but B follows A”). When they’re moving they slide into a V formation, and it also avoids (complete) anarchy if the lead ship is destroyed.