idea for democracy 3

Big fan of the series, recently started playing again and was thinking about a cool new idea that could work if you ever made another sequel.
My idea is based in the idea of British politics and the “Shadow Cabinet”. Essentially, suppose in game you were voted out, rather than the game ending, you will have some limited control to vote on proposals made by the incumbent party, based upon how many people you have left in congress/parliament/the senate etc.

Also, to support this, your pledges should have a greater effect on the voters, at the moment, the pledges only really make a difference if you fail to meet them, but in my idea, if you promise to say, cut unemployment, you would potentially gain some support from those looking for work.

I’d love to hear everyones thoughts on this

Someone once said:

“Oppositions don’t win elections, Governments lose them”

I think this is quite relevant here. It would be difficult to expand the game to being in opposition because the core theme of the game is implementing policies and effecting voters directly. I suppose you could do the same in opposition but without the direct effect on voters, but in reality if the Government is popular there isn’t a lot the opposition can do about it.

I think we should have a custom campaign Generator for Democracy 3, allow us to choose a flag, the name of the country, and it’s situation would be that it’s a third world country coming exiling off another country, while you have to deal with politics and keeping the country happy at the same time.

Using the same art Kudos 2 did too would also be great.

I think I have an excellent idea for democracy 3.

It hit me when i stumbled upon this website:

It’s an organization which has found a way to map the political views of pretty much everyone on a political compass. If it was somehow possible to incorporate this compass into the game, so that both your government and the political groups could be mapped out, I think the game would improve substantially.

The possibilities for playing with politics and democracy would greatly increase as you could see you governments position on the compass change when you would implement new laws. Also you could compare you current government with real-life political ideologists and world governments, which I think would add to the enlightening experience of playing the game.

Take a look at my idea - it uses the political compass like you mention: