Loads to Black?

So I have been playing Kudos 2 for a while. I moved away from the game for a few months, and now want to go back to it. I have v1.09 final.

It boots up fine, but when I try to pick ANY of the options (start new game, load game, etc.) the screen just loads to black. I can hear the background music move on, so the game is moving forward, so I assume it is a graphics problem. This never happened before (same computer) so I have no idea what happened.

Any ideas? What info should I provide if anyone can help?

Howdy NovaNardis

First off what video card, drivers and Windows version are you using? I remember this happening to me when I upgraded my drivers one day, then after a couple months I updated my drivers again and Kudos 2 started working again. You could try compatibility mode, but I always found it very hit-and-miss. Right now I don’t have any issues (using an ATI card with drivers 11.2 and Win 7 64bit).

Might wanna make sure your DirectX is updated too. Not sure if this would make a difference but it couldn’t hurt :slight_smile:

SomeGuyInABikini, needs more monitors