Marketing & Malpractice not installable


Thanks for the feedback Roidal. I’ll get in touch with Humble again and see if they can get this fixed.



Today i have good news:
Download is available now. :slight_smile:


That is good news Roidal. Humble have been in touch and it seems they’ve managed to fix it but I still don’t understand the underlying problem. It seems to occur every time we upload a new build.

cgmoo, is it working for you now too?


New situation: It is possible to download the MM-Addon, but not the base-game at humbleblundle.


Thanks Roidal. It’s the same issue. I just don’t get it. I’m looping in my publisher so he can contact them.

EDIT: Well not quite the same issue. As you point out this time it’s the base game that doesn’t work. :wink:


Just checking, this is the linux build right?


Sorry for late answer,
yes iam talking about the linux build
but meanwhile its available again.



I was also facing the same issue, its helping me out at some points but somewhere I have to rectified these problem by my self :frowning: ,… anyway … thanku …

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