Marketting Game

First of all great game. very good for alpha.

I know this is a production game but in current status playable hours is a little bit limited. after all the research finished which can be done with the basic factory there is nothing left for player to explore. there should be some decisions with different viable strategies. in one branch i produce very lux sport cars with 1 car per hour. with good quality and features like ferrari. or produce lots of less quality cars. and so on.

adding and removing features to car should take some time money.

we need deepncustomer modelling. player should see other companies cars and features one by one and customers should choose the best price/feature car like in real life.

cars price segment is way too hard to understand and how to manage that is still a mystery to me. i ve spend like 40 hours in this great game.

i think this game would be great in multiplayer and have great potential keep up the good work. and give us better tutorials. its hard to watch your all youtube videos for information.