[Outdated][Bug 1.22 Steam] Resource Conveyer display bug

At some junctions the resource conveyer is hidden behind it’s gantries


Here is a more generic example.


It appears very consistently, in every single tile where you have resource conveyor extending in both the top-left and bottom-left directions. Whether it’s a three-way intersection or four-way, or not an intersection, it’s in every such instance, not random. Maybe these are rendered into the sprites themselves, not a render order error?

Here’s a couple different ones:


These are taken from version 1.31 by the way.

edit: Oh, I know what it is now, it can be explained as render order. The rail coming in from one side has higher Z priority (later render) than the things behind it, as it should, but the rail sprite coming from the other side, which is supposed to “connect” to it, has such a low priority that it renders behind the sprites lower to the ground (or theirs is too low). I’m guessing, that the rail sprite for each tile is actually split into two sprites (perhaps a hard vertical split), one for left and one for right, so that it can render in the right order and “attach” properly at both ends. In which case, the priority is correct on one side but too low on the other side. Thus, where it looks like it goes into the side of the blue I-beam, that’s actually the hard vertical split between the two rail sprites, where one is rendered in front and the other isn’t. Or maybe I’m completely wrong.