[Outdated][Crash 1.24 Steam] Game does not start

I played a few hours of Production Line today. Then i closed it to watch a movie in tv. Later i wanted to play it again, but it doesn’t start. The Process starts, but it doesnt do anything and slowly uses less and less ressources. I used Steams check files option, i reinstalled it - didnt work. I ran it in administrator mode - didnt work.
How can i make it work again?

did test one thing with a few friends yesterday: so they are able to play the game via the steam family library, but i myself am not able to play it although i paid for it… normally i would now request a refund from steam, but i have too much playtime in the gamebecause i tried to start it… for about 17 hours, but it still doesnt work!

Hi there, how far does it get? this sounds a lot like a steam problem and not the game. If you find the file inside your steam folders (using windows explorer) and double click on it, does it run ok then?

No it doesn’t. I have deactivated the Steam Overlay, i run the Game in Admin mode, but still it doesnt start, neither if i start it though the Steam Library nor if i start it manually by double clicking the exe file.

Does it create a folder in \my documents\my games\production line?
is there a debug folder in there with log files?

There is a Debug Folder, it includes two .txt Files
Do you need them ?

Here they are, just in case you need them, but to me they dont look really promising.
drawdebug.txt (762 Bytes)
debug.txt (100 Bytes)

Does it also create a prefs.ini file? I’m trying to work out exactly where its crashing.
Is there any security software on the PC that might interfere wwith the game writing files to the disk?

there is no other file in that folder

my antivirus system is GDATA Internet Security, but as far as i know it shouldnt interfere with Steam-based games, only with Blizzard games