Parasites fans thread ^_^

I’ve just got Parasites DLC last night and after some tinkering I love it right away.

  • The returning anti missile weapon is awesome. LOL. Make all those long range missiles captains crying.
  • The flak cannon is definitely nice, although I read it’s been reduced in capability. Still an effective anti fighters weapon.

It’s almost official, my favorite race is now Parasite from previously the Outcast ^^

What, no love for the Plasma Slinger weapon? I am shocked; shocked, I say. :wink: That little hell-gadget is wonderful.

I thought that also at first, but I don’t see it’s very effective against cruisers (almost no effect). I even put a lot of them.
Maybe I miss something?

True, the Plasma Slinger does have a shorter optimum range (610) than the much larger Cruiser Plasma weapon (800), but it still has only slightly lower armor and shield penetration ratings. That’s a good advantage right up against a disadvantage, and it helps make up for the tiny per-shot damage rating. The weak damage per hit is a drawback, yes, but it gets better from there…

An ever bigger advantage is that the Plasma Slinger’s tracking accuracy is nearly double that of the Cruiser Plasma (1.10 versus 0.60)! And the Slinger loads and fires its plasma shots nine times faster than the Cruiser Plasma’s arming cycle (fire interval 330 versus 3,000). That makes the Plasma Slinger like a belt-sander from hell. :smiley:

And unlike all other plasma-type guns, the Slinger can have 4 (!!!) shots in flight at one time instead of only 1, so you can see that this weapon is more useful than perhaps you thought. Think of it as being stung to death by a swarm of killer bees, instead of taking a sledgehammer to the face (as per Cruiser Plasma’s much higher per-shot damage). When mixed with other high-damage, anti-shield types of guns, the Plasma Slinger makes for a good weapon. No, it’s not an example of a mighty “one and done” weapon, and it takes some patience to get the job done. I still adore it. :slight_smile:

I see. Looks like I got it with wrong combination last time.
Let me try the slinger again bro.

Although I think I see another drawback of it. If the enemy has fighter screen, the slinger tends to attack the fighters rather than the big ships. Maybe because it has higher tracking speed?
Also true with big plasma, but not as bad as the slinger. Big plasma will target the big ships after a while.

Make sure that you completely delete the Attack Fighters combat order from any ship that you need to preserve for other goals. No, it’s not a perfect fix, but it’s more effective than retaining the Attack Fighters order but moving the slider control down to the bottom – just delete it if that ship isn’t specifically set up as an anti-fighter ship. That should help preserve your high-rate-of-fire Plasma Slingers for the cruisers or frigates that you’re really after. :slight_smile:

Damn, we can delete the default order? I need new glasses! Usually I just lower it to 1%. Yeah I see it’s not effective.
Thank you, I’ll try deleting it tonight. I can see myself kicking some aliens soon ^^