Rubber bullets, tear gas etc increasing strong leader perception

What it says on the tin. I figure it should have some non-circumstantial effect other than pissing off liberals.

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and possibly reducing Compassion

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I feel like you can also argue it increases weak leader perception honestly – at least in a Democracy simulator game. If we were playing Tropico, then it’d make a bit more sense.

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Looking at the policies that thus far increase it, “Strong Leader” seems to mean “Being showy with force” which this absolutely is.

These policies have mostly hidden effects on preventing certains situations, riots & protests and similar, so they do serve a purpose.
But yes, maybe they should affect strong leader a bit.

That’s what I meant by non-circumstantial, sorry.

With the preview those effects aren’t particularly hidden anymore.

indeed. I think I’ll fix that, because you should never have more data before implementing than after…