Ship Design (share thread)

Liking the game so far, having some fun but bulding ships can be tough.
Are there any threads, I haven’t seen any so far.
That share ship design ideas, working, not working.
I would love to find a better fighter design.
My Cruisers do ok, but frigates get beaten up also.

THoughts, ideas, sharings.
all appreciated.

go to the thread “Upload Your Ships!”

kinda out of date
especially with the recent update of the game

ah. than i can’t help ya. sorry!

One of the cool things I’ve found about getting into this game while still in beta is that there is not a ready made repository of theory-crafting to look up. I’ve spent hours in ship design working out different builds and trying new ideas. I like the levels that have spatial anomalies because they make you rethink all your ship designs. The survival levels also make you approach ship design from a completely different angle.

I’m not really ready to share my ship designs yet. There is a lot of things I haven’t tried yet and of course, the game balance could still change significantly during beta.

Some general comments I can say is that your ship designs will depend on your general style and strategy. My approach so far is to make cruisers that are tank-like for the front lines as well as an anti-fighter type cruiser that is a bit more mobile. I alternate between having some heavy hitting long range cruisers or just using a bunch of slow long range gunship frigates that will stay behind the front lines. Laser fighters are useful for an early rush to soften up the enemy. In cases where the enemy is well armored and has good fighter defense, I could use other types of fighters in escort mode to provide extra firepower and round out my fleet.

The surviving of fighters is depended on their speed. Always try to get fighters go as fast as possible.

You never can get enough speed on frigates to make them harder targets (I actually put 6 level 3 engines on them and still they got blown up within seconds. Their speed was near 1.7) so concentrate on shielding with them. Or just try to keep them far away from the enemy and use long range weapons.

Cruisers are slow and you will never get them move fast so don’t waste more than just one engine on them then concentrate on the weapons and armoring with them. Put shields and armoring on them depending what kind of enemy you are facing. A lot of fighters? Put quite much armor because fighters can go inside their shield bubbles. A lot of frigates/cruisers? Put more shielding on them because frigates and cruisers very rarely go inside your shield bubbles.

Cruisers are tanks. Frigates are some paper ships which you need to keep away from enemy. Fighters are the annoying mosquitos of war which in large numbers can take down plenty of ships if they have correct weapons and priorities set.

You are entirely mistaken about frigates. With a speed of 0.6-1.1, and some ion canons they can rip through cruiser shields. Chuck in a few frigates with EMP missiles and you won’t have to face too much return fire. Shields will help frigates survive, but aren’t entirely necessary. Put a few unshielded frigates at the back of your forces with some beam or pulse lasers and they’ll knock out armour after the ion frigates have knocked out the shields.

I complete most challenges using nothing but frigates, most with a speed of around 0.6-0.8.

I use frigates as support, against fighters and support for cruisers (anti shields). Cruiser i use to tank and get as much firepower/shields/armor on them as possible. So far i have played probably a third of the missions.