Some Comments On Religion In Democracy 3

I’m not sure if the Religious are still against organ donation in D3 (I plan on getting this game in June when there’s more mods, a shortage of policies is what killed my interest in the last 2 games) but they certainly shouldn’t be. … n_donation

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As well I think the numbers of religious people should go down if the number of wealthy people goes up and up if the number of poor people goes up, there’s ample evidence that richer people aren’t as religious; the most atheistic part of the country is also the richest; the southside of Dublin and mass attendance is well down since the Celtic Tiger started, in my own town during it you could have quadrupled the number of people there and there still would have been room for everyone to sit but then a few times during the recession about 20 people had to stand. Not only that but compare Europe to Africa and historically the economies recovered following the war and it was noticed in the 60’s that religious attendance was down (moreso in the better off north of Europe) famously leading to enormous reforms in the Catholic Church. Regarding Japan abortion isn’t much of an issue even among the most religious people in the country, in Shintoism (or maybe Buddhism) they have this ritual that makes abortion OK in their view so I wonder if something could be done about this. I’m not saying there’s any simple solution to this but I can’t think of one myself so I’ll throw it out there. Also it’s been proven that the old are more religious and the young less so so it would be good if membership changes in these groups affected the number of religious people as well. Rather than creationism causing a technology backwater (pff, it’s the dominant philosophy in my house and we’ve got a top of the range computer and TV and I fail to see how it’s worse than evolution when it says that stuff was created by a force that was more powerful than it at the point of creation while evolution implies improvement but the Earth is 2/3 water and the theory says that all life began in the sea so now we have to learn to swim and breathe underwater so that’s hardly an improvement and it’s said that with evolution we get progressively smarter and it’s still ongoing even though human intelligence peaked 2000 years ago and has gone down ever since … ntelligent) I propose that religion related issues fuel a Culture War problem which will annoy the Liberals, Conservatives and Religious. The more extreme a position you take the worse the situation gets but a weak economy will reduce the problem as arguments don’t get any nicer but focus on economic as opposed to social issues (possibly why I haven’t heard of hate crimes against homosexuals in Ireland is the fact that the economy’s default position is in the toilet so people’s minds are nowhere near as focused on homosexuality as Americans are, the anglophone parts of the internet being 2/3 American boy have I suffered from culture shock).

There’s also ample evidence that the higher the educational attainment of a society, the lower the religious intensity there is, so we should link those two variables. Moreover, wealth may be correlated with religious intensity, but correlation is not causation. Consider the direction of causation factor or other confounding variables. Evolution is kind of the foundation and underpinning of modern biology, and without applying it you can’t really have biotechnology, vaccines that combat mutating pathogens, most of forensic science, genetic modification, domestication, crop breeding, ecology, or anything DNA related whatsoever. Humans didn’t peak in intelligence 2,000 years ago, because in the scientific community we have this thing called “peer review”, and a single article whose title ends with: “one scientist speculates” holds essentially no scientific validity… Moreover, we’ve learned about and invented things that make the human race much more intelligent than 2 millennia ago; atomic theory, radar, scientific theory, biology, calculus, electricity, helio-centrism, gravity, railroads, penicillin, rocketry, refrigeration, the compass, machinery, plastics, computers, ecology, the radio, physics, steel production, acoustics, gunpowder, economic theory, architecture, metallurgy, banking, lasers, the printing press, astronomy, acoustics, steam power, combustion, flight, etc.

I think you are a long way out on your presumption that human intelligence peaked some 2000 years ago. That is unequivocally wrong IIRC. The brains of a human 3000 years old is more or less the same as the brains of a human today. You need to go back significantly further (I hesitate to give a prediction as I am not 100% sure of the timeline) than 2000 years ago to find the last ancestor of a modern human whose brain could be considered “lesser” than our own. Also the term “peaked” assumes we have hit either a maxima or a plateau, neither of which has any scientific foundation behind it.


Otherwise good suggestions here but abit to detailed for the game I think, I don’t think they would implement it, maybe one of you could mod it in?

Technology Grants reduce religious membership in the game. Is that number of people that stop going to church or the number of people in the voter group that are still going to church but don’t vote their religious values? Eh, I’m confused.

I think general focus on scientific and technological research in a society causes a decline in faith in a general sense.

The game should be more open-minded. It is very possible to be very religious, believe in G-d and the bible and to be a cutting edge scientist. This debate has raged in the scientific community for years and most scientists believe strongly in G-d and go to church and synagogue regularly. The game need s to be more open-minded.

I understand it now. Policies for both religion and technology can balance each other out. The Space Program and Technology Grants doesn’t have to be the end of religion in society if I decided to subsidize parochial schools and enact school prayers. I wonder if it would work out that way irl. Probably so and it is true that religious folks can be very highly educated in many things including the sciences. I don’t know what I got so confused about in the first place but I guess without policies supporting the needs of religious people then any church building would probably go belly up from the lack of parishioners if a government focused almost solely on the Space Program and Technology Grants.