After playing a couple of days i miss 1 big function, moving stations after placement.
as starting player you make a lot of mistakes, but now every mistake can make you bankrupt. It would help a lot if you can move a station instead of having to deleted it and build over.
Also if you want to expand your line, because you have new upgrades, it gives more possibility’s without costing a lot of money.

Also, when you zoom out, you always see the colours of the stations and the location of you product.
I like to play some more zoomed out, but not necessary want to see the colours or stock.
maybe two hotkeys, 1 show products on the line an the other to show the colours of the stations.

This is part of the challenge of the game though. If you could move everything around then it would be really easy to upgrade. Part of the challenge is planning out where the slots need to go. You can use the Blueprint tool to help with this.