So I have been streaming the game for a couple of days now and wanted to start a thread for me to put down suggestions as I come across them. I will try to organize them as I go.

Options Screen,
Leave Game - Really need a confirm button, I accidentally hit this once and lost 5 hours of work in an instant.
Auto Save - The ability to also set up an auto save every x minutes would also help in case of crashes etc.

Company Screen - Much more info here would be good, people love to track stats, but right now early on the ones I would be most interested in is more details about how my drugs are performing, Graphs following both the sell price and profit/loss margins would be great. Also ways to track profit/loss and sales based on raw ingredients used would be highly useful.

Production Window.

In the objectives window, lets make better use of that space and have it track the completion percentage of research and exploration to save us going into those screens to find out how far away we are.

Fun stuff.

A lot of people are comparing this game to theme hospital, I don’t quite get that myself, its more of a jigsaw puzzle/puzzle game for me. However some tannoy announcements with random humourous comments would help to give the game life and aid immersion.

More to come I am sure.