Video #92: Behold the fully operational production manager!


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+1 agree advice is annoying, I would rather it highlight and shake like an exclamation point ! over the ui its trying to get you to go to and upon hovering its a tool-tip, instead of a window that interrupts you. honestly I wish research worked like that as well- I hate being interrupted. also yeah a way to completely turn off that sound would be great xD

for the production schedule window, I would prefer it on the task bar, and also if it highlighted the entire line when zoomed out, that would be cool as well so you can sort of use it as a way to easily distinguish between two different lines- it can sometimes be difficult.
as far as the icons go I don’t really care about it, I would rather have the option to rename it so I immediately know which line it is instead of translating yet another thing in my head that THIS is associated with THIS, that can get tiring after awhile, and its the type of thing that makes things more difficult for newer players, just pointing it out as an example, usually stuff gets compounded upon associations and that is what makes learning any game more difficult.

oh also the new tech such as plastics would be awesome! bring it on