A few bugs I've spotted


Thanks for this great game. I’ve been playing it for hours since I bought it yesterday. However, I’ve noticed a few (what I think are) bugs. Please tell me if I am doing something wrong or if it is supposed to be this way but:

  • When I am making an album, it doesn’t seem to let me change the name. I can click the random button to generate new names, but unless I am mistaken, however many times I click the random button it always calls the album whatever the first random name that was generated is.
  • Not really a bug, but why can I not give my albums a name of my own? I seem to only be able to use the randomiser, unlike when I am coming up with songs.
  • When I do a deal for someone to make my album for free with (say) a 40% share of the profits for me, the amount shown that I am getting from the album after release always seems to be significantly less than I have agreed. Why is this?
  • With the bass player, even after I had bought the most expensive instrument available for him, he kept complaining that his instrument was rubbish.
  • I bought the cheap rider for my band, then later bought the more expensive rider. I then cancelled the cheap rider (no point in have both) but my band then complained that they had no rider.
  • Not really a bug, but when you do a charity gig, it shows you how much merchandise you have sold, but unlike with a proper gig, it doesn’t tell you how much money you have made out of it.
  • When I fired a member from my band (the bass player, as it happens), and then hired another one, the replacement one didn’t seem to have access to the instruments and things I had bought for my original bass player. Was the original player supposed to take these things with him?
  • Again not really a bug, but why can you only buy one music video? Is it possible for me to change this (I know that question should really be in the mod forum). It shows as rebuyable in the assets file. Is it just that I have to wait a while before buying one to buy another?
  • One final question. After I have done a deal to have someone make my albums for free, does this ever end? Can it ever be terminated? I made such a deal early in the game, but later wanted to make my albums myself but didn’t seem able to.

Again, despite these problems/questions, I’ve really enjoyed playing the game, but it would be really good if you could address these concerns above. Thanks.

Hi, the renaming albums stuff will be fixed soon. you can rename them now, (just start typing) but its a bit fiddly.
Band members take their instruments with them. They are like that. Arrogant swine eh?
Welcome to the world of shady record deals. Yes, you do get your 40%, but the cost of the albums production has to be paid back first. Those record companies aren’t silly :smiley:
You can’t ever cancel a record deal in the game, it is literally a pact with satan.
The rider complaints bug is annoying, and hideously tricky to solve, I’m thinking about it.
The one music video thing hadn’t occured to me. this is a bit tricky too… I’ll give it some thought.

Some things we noticed about these bugs -

  • with the riders, you have to have both riders to make the luxury one seem to have any effect.
  • the bug about the bass player above doesn’t just happen with the bass player. It seems to happen a lot for any member if you don’t buy their instruments ‘in order’. If you go back and buy the instrument you missed, they stop complaining (most of the time)

awesome game…writing a review soon.