A few observations i've made from screenshots and videos

Let me start by saying i’m really excited to see what new things GSB2 is bringing to the table. I really enjoyed the first game and this one looks like it’s going to be even better. However, there is one thing bugging me: the new ship graphics. They seem flat and to lack fine detail at a quick glance. On closer inspection, fine details are actually there. I want to say that it’s the color schemes that aren’t doing justice to the general shape of the space ships. Has anyone else noticed this?

Again, this is all based on quick glimpses of videos and screenshots so the actual game could be totally different. Can anyone who has beta offer some input?

In GSB 2, apart from the initial tutorial ship designs, all ships are player designed visually as well as stats-wise, so they’re as detailed as you want them to be. You still have to pick a ‘base’ hull from a number of presets, but whatever goes on top of that is up to you.

I really need to change the GSB2 website to just be huge bold text saying YOU DESIGN THE SHIPS, because people keep missing this, and it is a huge part of the game… But yeah, the ships look however you want them to look :smiley:

Will there be more parts in the future we can use? ( i mean in ship design mode)
Or is this pretty much it.

If not is that where modding can come in?


woah, hold on, players design the ships visually? That’s huge, I had no idea that was a feature. That definitely needs to be advertised in some way. Are players allowed to create custom parts via modding?

Brief example to show you what you can do. Base hull:

After I’ve left my fingerprints all over it:

Oh, and yes, Cliff has stated he’s planning to make this game VERY mod-friendly, plus steam workshop integration.