Anyone have any female avatars they'd like to share?

I don’t mean to be a bit picky, but i’m not at all good at making avatars and was wondering if anyone had any female avatars? They aren’t that many in the game.

I started playing around with poser 6 a while back just for grins and kicked these facial expressions out fairly quickly. Im still learning some of the more complex features. I’ve started a blog page at with some photos uploaded. Ill try and load more later this morning. Oh, the address is:

Anything in particular you interested in? If you can describe it, I can try to reproduce it. No promises on the result though…I aint no stinking artist. Yes, i have a day job :slight_smile:

I’m guessing you can use any picture for these. Just copy a picture of your girlfriend on top of one of the default ones (renamed of course. Prolly should put it in its own directory). I just copied one of my pics (kaza) in the avatar folder with her name and she was picked up as a player charactor choice so either the program is very forgiving or I just managed to get the size right out of shear luck :-0

PS: Suggest you use the avatar folder in your Documents folder, not in the one under Program files.

I just added 2 new female avatars, with 9 new options in total: … arPack.exe

Just install that and they should show up. Cheers.

Cool. I’ll check that out. 8)

Thanks so much you guys!!