[BALANCE] Socialists And Small Business

Socialists should not be upset with Small Business Grants, I argue this because even if we look at the far-left, like Lenin, after War Communism, he brought back some private property and enterprise, through the “New Economic Policy”. So I recommend that SBGs should have either a lower negative impact on Socialists, or even, a slightly positive impact.

This and the other 4 posts you made in the last 10 minutes could have been combined into one post.

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That’s true, but people will not be able to find what they are looking for, if they’re looking for something specific.

I’m honestly not sure these topics worth 4 posts instead of a rather short balance post and subsequent comments.

Regarding your OP, what lenin did don’t dictate what is communism and not. He could just use some policies in shady areas. NEP had introduced some capitalistic policies to its economy because marxism theories say that communism will be established after the peak of capitalism and production capabilities it created. So some free market elements in soviets were just a process of building foundation of communism, according to their own theories.

Yes, but what I meant to imply was that Socialists are not inherently hostile to small business, or business in general.

In future, if people are opposed to these smaller posts, I will post a larger one, with all my balance suggestions. What ends up usually happening is that people eventually forget about it, or duplicate posts, hence this action on my part.

But I’ll be more mindful about it in the future.

Don’t wanna be like Microsoft with Win 7, now do I?


I’m trying to be polite about it, but you seem to have made it your mission to personally monopolize the forum since I first started seeing you. Every time you create a new thread you push everyone else down a slot. Now I’m not a moderator, so I’m just asking you as one forum user to another: Can you please be more courteous to those you share this forum with? Thank you.