Balancing the outcasts (& preview images)

Right I’ve made a whole bunch of changes see what you think. (I updated the original post).
The palladium cost rose but a module became a turret, and its power dropped
The strontium gets a 15% shield boost and 7% engine
Palladium gets a 19% speed boost
Plutonium gets 15% power, 7% speed
The titanium has 2 turrets, 12% speed
The chromium gets 18% speed
iridium gets 25% armor!
Thorium got a new module
Caesium gets a 20% power boost
Gallium is now cheaper and smaller.

Hopefully this is all an improvement :smiley: Next job is the new modules… both new types (decoy, multi-tractor, 2-stage missiles) and variations on existing stuff.
Did I mention this race has their own new music? :smiley:

Is it 25%, as listed in your last post on this page, or 20%, as listed on the first page? Either way, between this and the change of the Thorium to have an extra module and an integrity boost instead of a power boost, I think the distinction between the Thorium and the Caesium is much better now.

20%, sorry…typo :smiley:

The Iridium Fighter looks like it might make a decent torpedo fighter, with 1.15 speed and 4.06 average armor (20.31 total) for 159 credits, and maybe an armored rocket fighter.

I like the greater variability of the Outcast cruisers, too.

I’m glad to hear that there will be some new music. As a composer for television (in a previous life) the music plays an important part for me. The existing music is very good btw.