Big update with tons of fixes and new policy/situation/simulation stuff

I think I found a darn good reason that you should merge overrides into respective *.csv files, at least for none-perception changes.

TargetName = "StatePensions_cost"
HostName = "Lifespan"
Equation = "-0.1+(0.2*x)"
Inertia = 4

This is pensionslifespan.ini located at Democracy 4\data\overrides directory. And there was a change in state pension cost in the latest update. It was adding ;Lifespan,0.07*(x^4) at its cost. Now let’s check how it’s working.


As you can see, Lifespan-Pension cost link is "-0.1+(0.2*x),4" instead of Lifespan,0.07*(x^4).

+I also think this is a good chance to discuss the matter addressed at Redundant link: Health and pension costs. While I understand that Health & Lifespan are two different things, I see Health-to-Pension cost link as a legacy when the game didn’t have the Lifespan simulation. The retired living long & healthy won’t make any difference to pension costs compared to them living long & unhealthy.