New patch available (1.23)


Ok, the new patched copy is up now, so if you bought the game earlier, you can redownload it to get the new version. Probably best to uninstall the old version first just in case.
Here are the changes:

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So you don’t use the button in the game to check for a new version? Not really a patch, a completely new download?

In this case the .exe of the game changed, so the internal patcher can’t replace itself, so sadly its a re-download ;(

Heres the new patch details . Again it’s a full redownlaod. I’ll try and get a patcher sorted for any further ones.


Am I right in thinking that I should be able to re-download from BMT Micro? The order email I got said my password would be valid until 9th December 2008, but I’m getting an error page saying “The password has expiried”.

Is this something I need to take up with you, or with them?



Do I have to uninstal my 1.01 game and then have to re-install 1.02? Or, when will the update patch available?

If I can’t patch the original game to bring it up to version 1.02 then doesn’t that make the $10 CD that I bought useless?

Can you drop BMT Micro. The demo just ended, I just paid for the full version from them. Downloaded half then cut out, now can’t get any connection to BMT Micro and pinging them they don’t seem to exist.

I’m still having problems with BMT Micro. It was very helpful that you took the time to offer me a specific fix but it has now been 4 days since I sent them a follow-up email and they still have not replied.

It is good that the issue is basically resolved and I noticed that you have updated my link to allow me to download the new patch however its not ideal to have to work around them.

Will there be a downloadable patcher so that my CD is useful?

Yes, you should uninstall 1.01 and then install 1.02. He said a few posts up that he is working on a patcher, but in the meantime, this is the only way to update.

I will hassle BMT micro to get their downloads sorted out, and put a patch together as soon as I can.

I have to say that I have never had any problems with BMT Micro, either with this game or previous Positech games I have bought through them (I’m not suggesting that some people are not, but merely giving a balancing opinion).

I had to do another very minor patch (1.04) only the exe changed:


Fixed bug where text from an intel report is visible through the manifesto window
Fixed bug where certain dilemma effects were wrong when first selected.[/code]

if you don’t want to do a full re-download here is a patcher: (will only work on full version)

Could you put up a list of what was fixed in 1.03, Cliff?

Appears that the ministers with changing portfolio interests has vanished. Good on you for doing that one so quickly.

If you signed up for the mailing list you’ll have received an e-mail with a list of all changes up to 1.03.


   Fixed bug that meant ministers were more miserable than they should have been.
   Fixed unlimited power mode for new policies.
   Fixed bug where loading save games seemed to half-randomise ministerial sympathies.
   Fixed crash bug (unscripted function) in approval of alcohol advert ban.
   Changed bus subsidies so they affect usage of cars but not air quality directly.
   Reduced font size for ministers name on policy screens.
   Fixed bug where security isn't assessed correctly just after a load.
   Proper loading of pressure group membership now.
   Fixed crash bug with certain video cards.

First off, I had signed up quite some time ago, and I didn’t receive the list. Please don’t be so dogmatic about such matters, especially when it refers to somebody else’s product. That noted, I do appreciate the 1.03 patch contents, themselves.

Secondly, there are people who aren’t on the list, and it still makes good sense to me let them know about the changes–so they can see just how much work Cliff regularly puts into his games, and has, for some time. Lists of fixes and tweaks fulfill that function, in my opinion. Your mileage may differ.

ok i have the latest, it finally validated. (Don’t ask me what changed, it just did.) I’d like to know why my income tax sometimes disappears from my Income? I know it’s there, it’s just that some turns it’s not being collected? Perhaps i’m being stupid (possible) but it seems that the budget fluxuates a LOT.

Hi, income tax will not be constant. it depends on the rate you set (obviously) but also the level of GDP, the level of tax evasion (which you can’t see directly) and also the competence of the minister in charge of the tax department. If these are all varying, the tax take can change from turn to turn without you changing the slider. If you suspect this to be the case, take a look at the value of GDP over the same period.

damn forgot to post the 1.03 list sorry.
Yes that nasty bug has gone. Nobody noticed that everyone left their pressure groups when you load a game did you? tsk tsk. That’s fixed too.
(actually they thought they were still in the groups, but the groups thought they had no members).

I was just answering the question, because I just found that out myself when I checked my e-mail, sorry if I offended you.