Bought Democracy From a second hand Shop and I desperately your help!!!!!

This is my first forum post so plz be gentle with me haha

I couldn’t resist buying democracy from CEX when i saw it was drastically cheaper than usual. I took the game home and put it into my Laptop and I was absolutely gutted when it failed to install due to the missing CD sleeve that should have contained the serial number!!

Ive taken the game back to the shop and they say i can exchange the game for another game that is the same value however, I don’t want another game :frowning: I want democracy 1,2 and 3!!

If there is a staff member reading this post then please can i purchase a serial number (plz take into account that i’ve already purchased the game thank you) :slight_smile:

I’ve taken 3 pictures of me holding the game and the CD and i’ve attached them to this post.

Also I am very interested in purchasing all 3 democracy games and the Pharma game so if you can take into account my previous purchase and problem then i would buy and download the games today.

Thank you for your time.