Bow before me, inferior races!

( krrrriooollijss okkdjjoppppkdoorrr…blieep blieep )

This should now be the right setting for my translator.
My name is atlers, emmisary of the spiderii alliance. i thought i would introduce myself here as the new warlord commanding the alliance fleet. My forces have crushed many and are looking forward to crushing yours too, inferior races.

im 21 years old, living in the UK and im very happy to meet all of my fellow fleetbuilders :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, atlers. :slight_smile: It’s nice to see fresh enthusiasm for this game.

Regrettably, you have not caught us at our best time. GSB1 is now over five years old and all official development is at an end. Forum activity here is extremely low. The fact that said activity is almost wholly from dedicated, never-say-die modders is good, though! Check out GSB1’s “Gratuitous Modding” forum – there are many mods there for pumping some variety into your official game.

But there is a glimmer of light on the eastern horizon heralding a new dawn. That light is Gratuitous Space Battles 2, now in development. We’re very excited about this! :smiley: My best guess right now concerning GSB2’s beta pre-release is for sometime in early 2015.

im already following the development of that one closely. i had bought the original game years ago but never played it - boy do i feel like an idiot for that.

That’s a valid reason not to put a game into the attic and completely forget all about it – you never know when a sequel is going to overtake your purchase. :wink:

The nucleus of the new GSB2 discussion forum can be found here. There’s a lot of spirited and deep discussion there, as the remaining forum-active veterans discuss and debate what should be in the new game, and why.

However, you need to be aware that the foundations of GSB2 are already pretty far along in development, so any suggestion which involves adding a gigantic/complex new gameplay feature is fairly unlikely to make it into the sequel game.

i do not mind supporting this dev more allready bought all the expansions aswell :slight_smile: any eta on gsb2 tho? nomater how much i looked i could not find it

As I typed up above in this thread, my best guess right now is sometime early next year. GSB2 will likely first appear as a pre-release beta for the public. Version 1.00 should be released several months after that.

I now eagerly await your challenges on the lobby board of GSB

Just waiting…

alliance fleets are superior!

my name on the game is gobsmasha i await your fleets
Six legs good,Two legs bad!

oh il juts go and get my delta dreadnoughts and really expensive fighters and turn you fleets into space dust

Alliance fleets prevail over all, took me 28 attempts to find a fleet that beat berny’s Tribe cruiser rush consitently

i meant levithan not dread not my bad… that said i will still pick your face apart with my planet sized ships