Just when I thought I was winning :D

Ok, so one of the best things about today was playing against fleet you people have designed, which of course hasn’t been happening a lot until today. I’ve only had time for two battles and BOTH times I lost. I thought ‘Saller’ had a very primitive fleet that I would tear apart with fighter swarms, which worked, right up until I ran out of fighters, at which point a long long missile vs missile battle of attrition meant I lost :frowning:
And then riks cheeky challenge fleet beat me too. It has a bug in it, so I’ve had to fix the bug on my debug copy first, and again, I thought I would kick stellar ass with my multiple-warhead missile barrage combined with pre-emptive shield disruptor bombs to punch a hole in the enemy shields…
That worked well, until his frigates wiped out my ones launching the disruptor bombs. A narrow defeat :frowning:

Just you people wait until I finish all the bug fixes and have time to design some kickass fleets!

This day grows closer. I am afraid.

Having run lots of tests on some game mechanic things to figure out how GSB works, I can only conclude that Cliff is actually very, very, VERY good at game design and game balance. The single solitary time I found something that looked ‘off’, Cliff called it a bug. I’m a very amateur game designer - I occasionally design board games, RPG systems and card games as a hobby, so game balance is one of my passions. I understand what being able to balance a game means in terms of being good at playing such games. Cliff is going to be scary, even without the advantage of understanding the underlying mechanics intimately.

Cliff! I salute, and fear, you.

No kidding. There are so many different components in GSB that they make my head spin, but I’ve yet to find a strategy without a counter (though I’ve yet to explore every option, either - it’s a complex game). With so many components, you’d think that more would be broken even at this stage in development.

I will be curious if anything anywhere can beat my zergball. I doubt it.

Just you wait. Cliff will patch it to smithereens. :slight_smile: