[Bug] Critical error, and unrelated graphics anomaly

Hi Cliff,

I’ve had a couple hours to experiment with GSB. First of all, you’ve done a tremendous job capturing the explosive hectic fun of space fleet battles! I’ve only played the first mission so far, but loved watching the default fleet get slaughtered, looking at various ship components and planning designs of my own, and the nail-biting battles themselves wondering what my cruisers are doing as my fleet gets shot down ship by ship!

When I have time (no, really) I’ll write my basic impressions, and list a few typos I found, mostly in the ship components sections. For now, there are only a couple bugs I’ve found so far.

The beta is already really fun to play, and I’m looking forward to the next iteration!

System info:
Windows XP Home SP 3
Core 2 Duo E4300
3.4 GB RAM
ATI Radeon HD 3850
Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum
320GB Western Digital drive (kept obsessively defragged!)

1.03 beta version.
1680x1050 resolution. All game options are at the defaults (checked).

SIM_SERVER: Failed to find reg code when trying to apply username:…\src\SIM_Server.cpp 353

This bug is easily reproducible by deleting all user data in …\My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles, and then trying to submit a username without entering a valid registration key first. Found because I looked in the “Gratuitous Space Battles Product Information” e-mail for the registration key, and kept trying to enter Product ID and Password instead of the “personal online serial number” at the bottom, which of course worked perfectly. If you have a chance, changing the script to put the serial number somewhere more prominent (with the other IDs?), as well as allowing copy-paste of the code into the game, could save dummies like me a bit of grief :smiley:

Weird mouse-over tooltips glitch
With my setup every mouseover tooltip that is one line has some kind of weird glitch on the right side, like a column of pixels from the background of the tooltip is missing. It usually ends up looking like a black line down the tooltip. This happens at widescreen AND non-widescreen resolutions (I tested 1024x768, 1280x1024, and 1680x1050). It’s easiest to see on the main menu when hovering over the “Battle” button as opposed to the others. Here’s a screenshot comparing the tooltips: