[bug] Game lags when internet disabled

The game lags for perhaps 20-30 seconds when there is no connection available to the internet during the initial splash screen, before and after fights, and whenever you click on the challenges tab. Likewise, it is impossible to see the challenges you have already downloaded when you are offline. Some people might want to go online at work, download a bunch of challenges, then play while on the train home, but this is currently impossible with the current system. Perhaps after detecting no network connection, you can make it so at least we can continue to see our previously downloaded challenges. This might conflict with the “ratings” and “statistics” of each challenge, which is supposed to be forwarded to the server before and after every play. Perhaps a quick fix would be to set functionality and a message that says, “Playing offline wont update any statistics to the server during ‘challenge mode’ play”.

i think it should remember what happened offline, and update when it gets a connection… but yes, if the server’s not found on startup, it shouldn’t keep trying.