[BUG(s)?] Formation & Escort etc.

  1. Selecting target ship for formation and escort does nothing. I select a ship then add order -> formation/escort. A dialogue appear. Press set target. A red line appear from the ship. Now when clicking on any other ship it does not draw the white line denoting the link. All I can do is press delete order. Now this works fine with protect order. Bug? Or I’m doing something wrong? :slight_smile:

  2. Cosmetic bug. If you type a long name for your ship it will eventually be drawn in 2 lines.

  3. Sometimes when I press shift and a letter in a ship name it prints this letter several time as if I pressed it quickly multiple times.


PS: Sorry, just noticed that support forum is for bug. Please move this there. Maybe change “support” forum name to “bugs” or something? :slight_smile: