Campaign Territories

Let’s divide the campaign map to territories of all the races, so when fighting a cluster of planets I face the same enemy and can crush their last homeworld and this race is OUT for the rest of campaign! Let’s make a sense to the campaign. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of random challenges from internet. I thought that the computer WILL have homeworlds and territories in our campaign and WILL make moves (that can be calculated very quickly) like us and gain/loose territories, which I could see on the campaign map! Why is it just planets connected and random missions (very unbalanced right now!), when it could be so much more?


campaign without that feature just sound quite unappealing to me right now :frowning:

I like Campaign, but I do find (over three or so hours of playing) that Swarm, Tribe, and Alliance guys attack me from the same planet.


You went 3 hours of play without taking a planet that was able to attack one of yours?

Early on, there is a point where you can hold two planets that cannot launch fighters against the next one. I use them as choke points, and pile up my unused fighters at them as a defence should the front lines falter. I usually attack through the north point, and use the south one to hold on - ask any number of historic losers how multiple fronts work out. :slight_smile:

+1 Agreed. Also, it might be nice if the ownership could change to the race of an adjacent planet to simulate the conquering of worlds.