Extra campaign maps

How big a deal would it be, in terms of peoples enjoyment of the campaign mode, for there to be a choice of campaign maps? I’m just trying to gauge the level of interest in it as a feature.
A free improvement, nothing paid.

Yes, and if remotely possible, different structures of galaxy too, a few which have easily defensible clusters which can only be got to via systems that can be attacked by everyone and their dog (possibly include a heavy +threat modifier so defending these systems becomes a strategic consideration?).

Actually, this brings me to an interesting point, as I understand it, the planets are just resource nodes / facilities. Would it be possible to go for something akin to “AI War” where several of the planets are randomly designated as homeworld, and peppered with high HP fleets exclusive to that given race?

Would it also be possible to develop resource modifiers for “Unique” planets? (i.e. balls of rock that yield high levels of resources, or heavily colonised planets that yield no money but a ton of recruits), and give them a similar +threat mod, again, making their ownership a priority and their defence mildly vital?

Would love to see more maps and or a random map generator. The stardard custom sliders, how many opponents, what race, thier disposition, fleet caps, add/remove panets with ship restrictions etc.

HUGE interest. Not having to fumble around with custom making maps? I’d go for it

Huge interest here, too.

I also had a random thought of being able to start in Cadet mode (where I prefer to play, apparently) and linking the regular setting to the map. I’m not explaining myself well, here.

Basically the three big stopping point planets can link to the next level of difficulty and a new map. I’m completely ignorant on programming, so I don’t know if that’s workable or not, but it would be pretty cool.

I think that it would add significant value. Particularly if there were an introductory/beginner map and a more advanced map that leveraged anomalies to rebalance away from Fighter-spam strategies.

These maps would also tie into the suggestions that made on another thread about the initial difficulty that may players are having with the campaign.

BTW, I LOVE THIS GAME! Thanks, Cliffski. :slight_smile:

Could there be multiple possible galaxy configurations with random planets chosen for each? that would AWESOME!!! and if they were linked together for universe conquest… oh man.

How can I put this succinctly?


Seriously, this would be all kinds of awesome, especially if you can give us a random map generator and/or sliders for making new maps. I dig the campaign mode, but the map could easily get fairly repetitive. This would add enormous amounts of replay value to a game that already does an excellent job of keeping me from being productive.

BTW, this would also provide the opportunity to steer away from the “castle-up” starting approach of sitting on one’s Homeworld for 70+ turns. Perhaps by providing more/less resources in the starting area(s).

I just bought the campaign add-on and only played it for an hour or so…there is only one map?

It is actually a huge deal to add in more maps. It increases re-playability which is a big factor in whether or not players feel they have gotten their moneys worth and will invest in future cliffski products.

A random map generator would be very nice but different maps with some unique features should be fairly quick to create (I think) and letting the players test them out should be considered. I haven’t played enough of the campaign to suggest what the campaign needs but for sure it needs more variety to be consistent with the rest of GSB. GSB gets tons of variety from races + ship design + fleet combination and yet only one map?

I’m going to get more maps done, hopefully:


New maps would be nice, but to be honest, I’d rather see the campaign balance issues fixed. (Regarding fighter spam supreme… and if that was fixed, armor tanks would need a nerf to balance it out too.) They’ve made my interest in the game dwindle a lot.

Additional maps would be an excellent addition to an already fascinating game.