Capiltalism works well, you guys are nuts.

I just got the game and after playing as a socialist and finding it easy i decided to play as a conservative.
It is actually quite easy to play this way, as long as you have either a long term limit and/or remove the power need because you need to implement a lot of touchy policies (especially the law enforcement ones) and cancel a lot of programs.

I have pictures of a game where I got 100% of the vote (in a non-manditory vote country) while playing as a capitalist, and with a surplus (p.s. the debt is high because the economy was in recession, and i was raising the air quality, i finish the last term with 99% of the vote and a 100billion dollar savings)

as you can see 100% of voters voted for me.

as you can see there is no socialist or environmentalist demographic (however, both did like me at least a bit)

a screenshot of my spending, i have a 100 billion surplus and a reserve (no debt) (It is from later in the term, but I still have 100% approval and poling estimates)

Note: the hospital overcrowding is due to immigration (I have no poverty) and that is because I have a very, very high GDP, I couldn’t overcome the problem even with max spending on hospitals. (yes I have max border controls)

EDIT: sorry, the pictures got a little cut off. here are the links: … vote-1.jpg … 00vote.jpg … talist.jpg

Oh, and for some reason i have the socialist medal (from early on when I had a lot of programs going on at once) What are all the achievements anyways (or at least the bottom two)